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How You can Help Us!

We have several ways that you can become part of the solution!  It is a step of faith, full of challenges and growth opportunities for you!  Choose your place(es)!

How to Get Involved
  • Join our Prayer Team We have an email team consisting of people who have made a six month commitment to pray for us as we move forward.  They are our spiritual defenders, intercessors, and power team.  Just send us your name and email address to
  • Connect us with your church! We are constantly looking to talk with church leaders, present our ideas and the biblical basis for them, and asking them to pray about leading their congregation to get involved!  Of course, they need to know about us before they can contact us and there are thousands of churches in our state alone, so you can speed up the introductions!
  • Become a financial supporter!  Even faith based ministry has bills to pay in order to operate! This is a faith based ministry and we believe God will provide.  Of course, He usually does that through his other children, which includes you!  It may be a "one time gift" or an ongoing commitment, such as monthly, quarterly, or annually.  We are a registered non-profit (501c3).  (SEE THE "DONATE" BUTTON BELOW!)
  • Become a business partner If you represent a business, we have a couple of special offers for you!  We can list you on our business partners page, and we encourage you to be involved in training your potential future employees before you hire them!  (For example: If you are a construction company, you can help a NLS team identify or even teach the skills they will need to work in construction.  Then hiring them is up to you!)  Also, we will be seeking grant funding to help cover hiring costs or mentoring and skills training!  
  • Spread the word!  Like us on Facebook, share our blogs and posts, talk to others about what we are doing, etc. etc.  

Here is how to make a financial contribution!

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