Our Processes

Not everyone is a good fit for New LifeScape.  Some wish they could get off government support, but are not willing to do the hard work required.  Others should stay on government support because the programs were designed to support them because they cannot support themselves for genuine reasons.
Some churches will not want to make the changes required to be effective.  For some it could be a faith issue, but they are not willing to "become all things to all people" in order for "some to be saved".  There may be some who have been called to impact their community in a different ministry style.
New LifeScape has designed a process to connect willing churches with willing people and to take the journey with them!  That is why we assess the church and the individual before making introductions!  View the flow chart below to see how the process works with both churches and individuals.
This is a faith venture, so the only guarantee is based entirely on Jesus!  Of course, there are boundary issues that that must be maintained to protect everyone involved!
The real goal of NLS is that Believers will develop close relationships with those who do not know Jesus and through their lives reveal Him to them!  Everyone involved is a person who needs to know and trust Jesus.  Many people have only heard of Him through church activities, but we are told to "Let your light shine before men so that they might glorify the Father."  That happens best in daily lives, not church services!