Changing Lives, Escaping Poverty

New LifeScape Ministry is committed to empowering the local church to change lives and intentionally meet the needs in their community by functioning as God designed it to work.  We believe that a single action can make a difference in the community, and that collective action can greatly impact the world. Through intentional teamwork,  our goal is to "teach a man to fish, so he can feed his family every day".




- Approximately 75% of all churches in the United States are plateaued (not growing,           but holding relatively steady) or declining?

-That due to aging, a church can only remain plateaued for so long until they decline?

-That many "growing" churches are growing more by transfer growth instead of                    evangelistic growth?

-That the current average length of a pastor's stay at a church is less than 4 years?               (But They are advised not to change anything until year 3!)

-That the ratio of resident members to new Believers is about 50:1?

-That over 70% of pastors constantly battle depression, isolation, and                                     discouragement? 

-That the church and the Christian faith are less valued by the culture than even 40               years ago?

-That the church was the main provider of support and encouragement to their                     communities before the 1930's?

These are the issues that we have been called to address through New LifeScape Ministry.  God has given His people the solution through His Word.  We are looking for Believers who want to be part of the solution!



What has God trained you to do?

Who ARE you?  You are actually a combination of factors, including your family, your personality, your choices, and your life experiences and more!  The combination of all those things makes you more complex than a simple answer!  The "picture" those pieces create is what we call a "lifescape".  Some of that picture is the choices you made, but some of it has also been beyond your control.  You didn't choose your parents or natural talents.  You probably didn't choose difficult times and hurts of your life.  You didn't choose how others saw or treated you.  But it is all part of you.

God was working in your life before you were even born.  Even if you didn't realize it, He was there in the good and the bad.  Now, He want's to use you to change your world by using what He has designed you to do!

Your "lifescape" may be healthy or unhealthy.  The important thing is to discover your design and how He can work through your past, both good and bad, to show His love.


Service Subitle

K was born into a upper middle class family of strong Christian faith that was part of a very close extended family.  His parents, grand parents, aunts and uncles all had good careers, close supporting families, and good health.  K was above average intelligence, athletic, creative, and had family support to go to an Ivy league school.

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Establishing working relationships with selected individuals.

T was born to a single mother and never knew who his father was.  He grew up in the housing projects surrounded by criminal activity.  His mother had mental and substance abuse issues.  T also had learning disabilities, possibly from childhood trauma and abuse.  T dropped out of school and has a criminal history.

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How NLS works

T can't escape poverty simply by "getting a job".  He has no real education, a criminal history, limited health lifeskills, and serious emotional issues that interfere.  T reaches a point in life where he wants to change his life.  He needs more than "handouts".  He needs loving people, like K, to provide coaching, education and job skills, life skills, accountability, emotional support, counseling, and advocacy.  K cannot do it alone, but K as part of a church NLS team can help T make the changes.  NLS organizes the local church, idenitifies and assesses T, develops T's "LifeScape Plan" connects T to the church, and provides ongoing support and accountability.  Together, T experiences the love of Jesus in action and gets to know several Believers!

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"Little children, let us not love with word or with tongue, but in deed and in truth."

Why is it so important?

1 John 3:18

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