TAKE a church that trusts Jesus enough to reach out to their community.

ADD a biblical understanding

of God's design of His Body (the church), His principles for actually helping the poor, and the power of His working through us.

Mix Well

(organize the information discovered in step two)

Prepare Effective Leadership

teams of committed church leaders by training them with the help of experienced social workers and mental health professionals (NLS Staff)

ADD properly screened

and evaluated low income individuals or families (Those who actually want to change their lives and get off the government support systems, not the free loaders or scammers). **NLS staff will locate, evaluate (including mental health issues), and introduce them to the team.

BAKE in the pressure

of life and resources they need to develop under the encouragement and accountability of the leadership team

ENJOY watching God work

through the church to transform the lives of individuals and their families! New LifeScape Ministry is about empowering the church and changing lives. We hold biblical teaching, including accountability, as the guide. We understand love (agape) is more than just meeting temporary needs Jesus transforms people!

Steps in Our Works

Our process on creating awesome projects.
  • 1. What is A LifeScape

    We define a LifeScape as all of the advantages and disadvantages and the hope or despair that produces a "picture" when a person looks at their life. A person's lifescape has tremendous impact on their lives and their ability to succeed. Most people have a LifeScape that is between moderately healthy to healthy. The average person in poverty tends to have an unhealthy LifeScape. Examining the individuals lifescape and identifying what they will need to do in order to succeed and then helping them through the process results in a New LifeScape!

  • 2. Unhealthy LifeScape

    An unhealthy lifescape creates many complex problems. It is a combination of interacting issues that make progress and success very difficult if not impossible. Those issues include living in a broken family, health and/or substance abuse issues, lack of healthy social supports, few viable employment opportunities, and feeling trapped in poverty and spiritual brokenness.

  • 3. Balanced LifeScape

    A “healthy” LifeScape means you had people caring for your needs and pushing you to succeed. You learned skills and requirements to get a job. The job enables you to own things, do things, and move forward in your life. God has blessed you, so that through you, He can bless others! He has built things into your life and placed you in a local church for a reason!

  • 4. New Lifescape

    New LifeScape is a not-for-profit organization committed to working with churches, businesses, and mental health professionals to help people get off of the government support systems (welfare, etc.) and become independent working adults.

    God’s timing is always perfect!

    See what a HUGE difference in what we do! Check out our most recent blog posts!

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    Our leaders that make everything happen!
    Steve Thomas
    Executive Director

    Rick Painter
    Pastoral Director

    Gina Painter
    Administrative Assistant

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