Biblical Principles of New LifeScape
By Rev. Rick Painter, Pastoral Director of New LifeScape Ministry

1.    Faith: Faith is an intentional act of following Jesus solely because of who He is, not how you feel, what makes sense, or what is popular.

2.    Grace with a purpose:  Salvation is by grace, through trusting Him and requires us to do the “good works” God has chosen for us before the foundations of the world.

3.    Surrender is essential:  Jesus requires us to “deny self, take up our cross daily, and follow him”.  That denial means we cannot focus on what we do or do not “get out of it” or what makes us comfortable.

4.    Sacrifice is expected:  Following Jesus is about sacrifice and surrender to Him.  He said His life was about serving and seeking what was lost.

5.    Rejection is often required:  It is never a popularity contest, so obedience will separate relationships.

6.    Dead Sea:  Focusing on receiving instead of giving leads to spiritual death and decay.

7.    Assigned placement:  God has designed, gifted, and placed you in the body of Christ, not by chance or accident, but to carry out your assignment (your “good works”).

8.    Sovereign design:  Your past, including your family, personal battles, and abilities are all part of His preparing you for your assignment.

9.    Equiping:  Pastors and teachers are to focus on getting every Believer ready for and engaged in their assignment.  They are not caretakers or entertainers.

10.  Main Commandment: If you love God with everything (not just emotions), everything else will be great.

11.  Second Commandment: Loving your neighbors isn’t about liking them, but seeking what is in their best interest, even if they are totally different from you.

12.  Standards:  Jesus refused to accept anyone who followed Him with reservations or restrictions, therefore, so should we. 

13.  Work:  Man was originally designed to work (paid or unpaid), so advocating and assisting people in engaging in it is part of God’s plan.

14.  Mental illness: Although mental illness is not necessarily a spiritual issue, there are many spiritual truths and practices that address it, so it is the church’s responsibility to face it.

15.  Poverty:  Believers are commanded to override economic social separations.

16.  The Haves:  The Bible does not teach socialism, but does teach that those who have should be expected to accomplish more with their blessings and abilities.

17.  Giftedness:  Every Believer has already been given a spiritual gift to use to strengthen the body of Christ, it just may not be on the list found in most “spiritual gifts” studies.

18.  Race:  The Follower of Jesus cannot honestly hold to racism in any form. 

19.  Evaluation:  Honest evaluation is essential and frequently taught in scripture.  Fear or dishonesty in evaluation is a lack of really trusting Jesus to carry out His work.

20.  Salt and Light:  Salt and light are our design, not our choice.  If (when) the church loses its impact on its community, it becomes only worthy of getting walked on.

21.  Grace and Mercy: You are who and where you are because of God’s sovereignty. You are saved only by His grace, mercy, so always showing those traits to others is required.

22.  Equipping Priority:  The role of pastors and teachers is “to equip the saints for the work of service”, not to cater to their opinions, entertain, or be an emotional punching bag.

New LifeScape Ministry is committed to equipping the local congregation to engage its community by effectively ministering to low income people to enable them to move off of government support. It is NOT A PROGRAM, BUT A PROCESS! That process starts when the local church rediscovers several basic scriptural realities.