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From Start to Finish

NLS Ministry is about bringing people together for a purpose.  We start at two points with people and bring them together.  

With the church, we start with the pastor and leaders to establish the starting point (church assessment).  Under the church leadership, we help individuals identify how God has equipped them and what they can do to "stir up the gift that is within" them.  We then develop a reference list of those personal ministries and some of how to utilize them.

We also start by identifying individuals in the community who are ready and willing to work to get off of government support ("welfare") or to improve personal support.  We assess the individual to identify what they will need to do to change their "lifescape".  If they are willing to put in the hard work, we connect them with a church NLS team and finalize a plan.

The Church team will guide the implementation of the plan.  NLS will continue to provide training and support as needed.  (This ongoing involvement is also to protect the church.)

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