How We Help You Impact Your Community

New LifeScape Ministry IS NOT A PROGRAM, BUT A CUSTOMIZING PROCESS OF BUILDING REDEMPTIVE RELATIONSHIPS   between the local church and the lost in their community!

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Finding out how you are doing according to Biblical expectations.

Honest evaluation is a major step of faith.  Most churches are plateaued or declining.  Some churches are growing, but it is mainly "transfer growth".  We help you evaluate your progress and priorities based on biblical principles and clarifying the data on the church and the community.  This provides the church with a clear, data-driven starting point.


Identifying what God has prepared you to do where you are.

This is where NLS gets exciting!  Your church has already been custom designed by God to carry out a local mission.  By identifying what God has already designed into your congregation and comparing it to needs in the community, the church can develop action plans, not just program plans!  Our process goes far beyond what most people think are "spiritual gifts" and is based on several biblical statements, promises, and directives.  NLS is NOT a "one size fits all", but is built on what God has already started! We just work through the process of helping you discover His design and how to use it!

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Connecting you with Selected Individuals

Regretfully, many churches have tried to reach the hurting in their community and have been taken advantage of for their efforts to love.  NLS works with community leaders to identify people who truly want to change their "lifescape" and are willing to do their part.  We assess their strengths and weaknesses, explain their responsibilities, and then connect them with a NLS church.  We work with their NLS church team to develop an agreed on plan.  NLS provides a "shield" to protect the church from system "players".  (We know the games better than most!)

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Helping them change their lives

Research has shown that over time, we can drift into our own "bubble".  Christians tend to have less close relationships with non-Christians and other social groups tend to do likewise.  NLS is designed to help "burst both bubbles"!  The goal is to bring hurting non-Believers in common, long term relationships with people who know Jesus.  Those relationships are bridges to not only tell them about Jesus, but showing them how it is lived out.

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