It Is Finished = Paid in Full!

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

by Stephen C. Thomas, Executive Director New Lifescape Ministry

The world is going crazy right now with the pandemic, the changes in lifestyle, and with many people losing their jobs. Think back 2000 years ago on what is now called Good Friday and how afraid and hopeless Jesus’ followers must have felt as they saw Him put to death and hear his last words, “It Is Finished”. All their beliefs, hopes, and dreams became doubts in onedark afternoon. Over the coming 48 hours they were afraid for their own lives, they isolated, and feared going out in public for death could be waiting around every corner. Sound familiar? We are having the same thoughts and feelings today because of Covid-19…

However, on the 3rd day, the day we now call Easter something changed. Two women followers of Jesus went to the tomb to prepare His body with spices, but when they got there an angel that appeared bright as lightning stood before them saying, “why do you come to see the one called Jesus for he is risen.” The angle than gave a command “go and tell his disciples”. Over the coming hours and days all his disciples and 500 others saw him alive like he foretold. Even though there are pains, troubles, and hurts on earth, because of the work Jesus did we can be assured things will be OK. One day all of this will be gone, and we will be reunited with our Lord and with our loved ones in heaven. Look up because the One you need is there waiting for you…

Tetelestai!! It is finished = paid in full.

The price of sin in a fallen world has been paid by the Savior…

Have a happy Easter and remember Easter equals hope.

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