COVID-19 New LifeScape Ministry

Rick Painter, Pastoral Director, NLS

Many Believers are talking about the spiritual impact and purposes of the current pandemic. At the same time, many churches have temporarily suspended their usual meeting together.

So I have a question: If this situation is from God to bring people into relationship with Him, how is your church responding?? "Business as usual" is on lockdown. By the time you get back to your previous approaches and ministries, the crisis will be little more than a blip. Opportunity at least partially missed. Little or no impact or change.

God has always used His people to respond to crisis. He shines his light into the darkness. SO--HOW IS HE SHINING THROUGH YOU, YOUR CHURCH, AND HIS TOTAL BODY??

Here are some examples of how being prepared by understanding who you are and how God has designed and gifted EVERY member of His Body to react to situations. This is the core belief and process of "New LifeScape Ministry"!

1. If you are a gardener, plant extra. You were given the ability and interest (and now maybe the extra time). You grow the extra food while you are doing what God has equipped you to do.

2. If you are a social media, marketing, or in the public view, it is because God equipped you with those skills and places. a). Start getting the word out that when the food is harvested, it will be given to those who are struggling financially due to loss of income. Make contact-encourage them to get on the distribution list, etc. b) Develop a system of communication where people who are struggling with isolation, medical needs, childcare, etc. can communicate those needs to the church. c) Boost your online presence while the Internet is maxxed out. d) If you find a need for food, send it to the cooks, who send it to the deliverers.

3) You love to talk, text, chat. Use the provided media info above, to contact other church members and people who respond from the media. Relay to prayer teams, transporters, etc.

4) You love to pray-in depth. Pray for the people's specific needs and then contact them for follow up.

The list goes on and on and on. Until EVERY member is active in the response! We call that "Full Body Impact". The difference between a tap on the shoulder and a tackle! This is just a small example. It is FAR more than crisis response! That is what we are called to help churches discover and set up. It is your "lifescape" impacting their "lifescape"!

If your church wasn't ready, will you be ready for the next opportunity? Find out more and NLS!


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